Preview Name Description
ARP Eye Shield and card case Six ascetate anti-gas eye shields and cardboard case
First Field Dressing First Field Dressing
Minature Bible Minature Bible
Industry of Labour Call up Papers Ministry of Labour call-up papers for Edwin Charles Dixon, dated 24th April 1945
Demolition firing mechanism Tubular firing mechanism; potential trip-wire use detonation
Demolition firing mechanism Rectangular demolition firing mechanism; potential trip wire detonation
RAF Officer Side Cap RAF service dress side-hat; initialed 'ITH'
RAF Officer Jacket RAF service dress jacket with WO1 rank and observer badges; and 1939-45 Star, Italy Star and the Defence Medal ribbons
RAF Flying Helmet RAF issue, hot climate, flying helmet
Navigator's brevet Issued navigator's badge
Observer's brevet Issued observert's badge
Collection of 3 black and white photographs Collection of 3 wartime photographs belonging to WO1 Joseph Raymond Smith
RAF Officers Cap Badge RAF officer's cap badge; plastic
Warrant Officer Class 1 rank Badge Issued Warrant Officer Class 1 badge of rank
Model B-26 Marauder Plastic model aircraft kit
Model Heinkel 111 Bomber Plastic model aircraft kit
Smock Denison, Airborne Troops Smock Denison, Airborne Troops; size 7
1937 Pattern webbing belt 1937 Pattern webbing belt
Blank .303 round, drill .303 round and spent cartridge case Blank .303 round, drill .303 round and spent cartridge case
Royal Artillery Cap Badge Metal Royal Artillery Cap Badge
Counter Balance Weight Iron counter-balance weight from Horsa Glider
Horsa Glider Bracket Rusting Metal Horsa Glider Bracket
Cigarette Packet Player's cigarette packet
French Mustard Jar French Mustard Jar, with Ministry of Food label
81mm Mortar Round tail fin Found at Littlecote
Inernal door with grafitti Internal farm building door, with WW2 grafitti, recovered from Bradford's Farm, near Newbury
RAF issue suit case RAF issue suit case, property of Group Captain Candler
RAF Officer's cap RAF Officer's cap
RAF Officer's battledress RAF Officer's battledress
RAF Battledress RAF issue Battledress
RAF Great Coat RAF service issue great coat; size 4
RAF Jacket RAF Jacket
RAF Trousers RAF service issue, air crew trousers; size 2
Running Spikes Running Spikes
Rugby Boots Rugby Boots
RAF Kit Bag RAF Kit Bag
Coat Kapok Lined Coat Kapok Lined; size 3; possible motor cycle dispatch ride?s coat
RAF Goggles RAF Goggles
Aldbourne Stable Wooden stable, relocated from the village of Aldbourne
Helmet Helmet
Respitator and Satchel Civil Defence respirator, 'PRC' rubber company; and canvas satchel
ARP Water Bottle Blue ARP water bottle; aluminium with webbing carrier
Warden Blouse Blouse ARP 59A, size 7; navy blue with section leader's stripes, warden's shoulder titles, 4-years long service chevrons and St
ARP Beret Civil Defence navy blue beret; with embroidered CD capbadge
ARP Lanyard and whistle Hudson Thunderer steel ARP whistle, stamped 'ARP', with white cord landyard
ARP Bell Brass ARP bell with wooden handle
ARP Whistle with chain Hudson Thunder steel whistle, with link steel chain
ARP Gas Rattle Wooden service issue Mk IV gas rattle
Hospital Bed Patient Respirator Rubberised canvas hospital respirator
ARP Metal Sign Chrome-plated cast metal 'Air Raid Warden' sign
Baby's Gas Cradle Baby's gas cradle; canvas, rubber and metal
Mickey Mouse Respirator and Box Infant's resprator and cardboard box; Avon Rubber Company
Anti-Gas Ointment Ointment Anti-Gas No. 2; 8 individual tubes in metal tin
Private Purchase Civilian Respirator Case complete with civilian repirator Circular tin gas mask case with civilian issue respirator
Civilian Gas Mask, Box and Canvas Case Civilian Respirator and original cardboard box, in a home-made canvass case; once owned by a Marlborough resident - Northcott,
Home Guard Steel Helmet Service issue steel helmet, bronze green with 'HG' stencil; with size 7 liner
Home Guard Side Cap Service issue kahki side-cap with Berkshire Regiment cap-badge
Home Guard Water Bottle Dark green aluminium water bottle, with leather strap
Service Respirator Service Respirator, complete with canvas satchel, anti-gas eye shields, anti-gas ointment, and anti-dimming outfit Mk V
Home Guard Leather Belt Leather belt
Home Guard Great Coat Service issue Army great coat with Home Guard badges (3rd Battalion Berkshire Regiment)
Battle Dress Blouse Issue battle dress blouse; size 7-8
Home Front Afemra Collection of 20 Civil Defence 'Home Front' information leaflets, ration books, tickets, certificates and identity cards
RAF Goggles RAF issue, flying goggles
RAF issue map of north Midlands RAF issue map of north Midlands
'Spot them in th Air!' booklet 'Spot them in the air!' booklet, published by the Daily Mirror, price 3d
Air Ministry issued plastic navigator's ruler Air Ministry issued plastic navigator's ruler
'Aircraft Recognition' magazines Two contemporary 'Aircraft Recognition' magazines
Goggles Air Ministry Goggles Mk II, Type 22C/826, and tin case
'Over Here' Guide Book British publication, written by Stanley Mayers, pubished by Thomas's Publishers, Birmingham
British Field Telephone British Field Telephone
Home Guard Notice Board Home Guard Notice Board, complete with notices: D Platoon, Ramsbury,
.303 wooden ammunition box Marked BFL 1940
RAF Practice Bomb RAF Practice Bomb
Home Guard webbing Canvas webbing with ammunition pouches
Service issue bayonette and leather bayonette frog P14/17 bayonette leather scabard and frog
ARP Helmet Air Raid warden's steel helmet; with intact liner
Civilian Respirator (Special) Civilian gas respirator, Avon Rubber Company; modified for use by those with respiratory problems; very rare
Private purchase Guerilla Tactics Manual Paper booklet, titled 'Guerilla Tactics Manual'; cost 1 shilling
Steel helmet, Parachute Regiment British steel helmet, Parachute Regiment, with liner
Lee Enfield Rifle, No. 4 Mk. 2 Lee Enfield Rifle, No. 4 Mk 2; serial number 3/50 PF 197049; with magazine. Manufactured by Birmingham Small Arms Company.
Steel helmet, armoured fighting vehicle British steel helmet, armoured fighting vehicle, with liner
Belt Belt
Webley Mk VI Revolver Webley Mk VI Revolver; with 3 dummy rounds; serial number 206141
Canvas revolver holster Canvas revolver holster
Bayonet No 4 Mk IX, and canvas bayonet frog Bayonet No 4 Mk IX (Pig Sticker), and canvas bayonet frog
Air Ministry Hand Axe Steel hand axe with rubber covered handle
Issue clasp knife Issue clasp knife; Richards Steele, Sheffield
Pack of Playing Cards Pack of erotic playing cards
Bayonet N04 Mk2 (?Pig Sticker?) and frog Bayonet N04 Mk2 (?Pig Sticker?) and frog
Clip of five .303 rounds Clip of five .303 rounds
Lee Enfield Rifle No 4, Long Branch Manufacture Lee Enfield Rifle No 4, Long Branch Manufacture, with sling; serial number 29LB675
British Steel Helmet Bronze Green
British Steel Helmet British Steel Helmet
British Steel Helmet British Steel Helmet
British Para Helmet British Parachute Regiment helmet, complete with liner and chin strap
Tanker's winter suit (?pixie suit?) Tanker's winter suit (?pixie suit?)
British 37 pattern water bottle British 37 pattern water bottle, complete with carrier and strap
British 37 pattern small pack British 37 pattern small pack
British canvass water carrier British canvass water carrier
British army gun oil Mk1 British army gun oil Mk1
British army map case British army map case, Blackman L G Co. Ltd
British Warden?s Helmet British steel helmet, black with white 'W'
6 pounder shell cases 6 pounder shell case, stamped ?1917?
Assorted brass cartridge cases .45 and .38X2 calibre cartridge cases and bullets
British Rangerfinder No2 Mk7 British Rangefinder No2 Mk7, serial number 3835
Canvas Bren Gun Cover Canvas Bren Gun Cover
BREN Light Machine Gun Mk 1 BREN LMG (Light Machine Gun) Mk1 serial no. F7420 Enfield dated 1941 (Manufactured Enfield, England at Enfield RSAF ? Royal Sma
Lithgow BREN Light Machine Gun Mk1 BREN LMG (Light Machine Gun) Mk1 serial no. A9217 Lithgow MA dated 1943 (Manufactured Lithgow, Australia; MA stands for Lithgow
British Food Facts Booklet British Food Facts Booklet
British services clothing book British services clothing book
British Army form B-51 Health Memoranda for soldiers
Period Photograph Seven British PoWs in German Camp, photographed playing musical instruments
British Identity Cards British Identity Cards, Greens of Newbury
Land Army Ephemera Land Army release letter dated 28 June 1946, release certificate, and tractor driving proficiency certificate, belonging to Mis
British WW1 Kit Bag British WW1 Kit Bag, marked ?Sheppard 3546 13 Platoon D Company 4 R Berks?
British Para Helmet British Parachute Regiment steel helmet, with RAMC markings
Jerkin Leather No 2 Camouflage Jerkin Leather No 2 Camouflage, size 3, dressed over a reproduction tank suit